Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy informs users in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Law and the Telemedia Law about the type, scope and purpose of transmitted data when using this website.

Note: When transferring data over the Internet, there is always the possibility of security vulnerabilities. Full protection against access by strangers is not possible. access data Independent of the website operator, the page provider 1 & 1 collects data about accesses to the site and saves these as "server log files". The following data is logged:
  • Visited documents
  • Time of visit
  • Amount of data sent in bytes
  • Source / reference, which led to the page (eg results page of a search engine)
  • Used browser
  • Operating system
  • used IP address (will be anonymized after 7 days)
Example from a logfile with anonymized IP address: 180.76.15.x - - [26 / Feb / 2018: 00: 07: 50 +0100] "GET /robots.txt HTTP / 1.1" 200 865 "-" "Mozilla / 5.0 (Windows NT 5.1 ; rv: 6.0.2) Gecko / 20100101 Firefox / 6.0.2 "" - "

The IP address (180.76.15.x - -) was automatically shortened by the providers 1 & 1, so no complete IP addresses are stored. The remaining data can be visualized with the statistics program 1 & 1 Analytics in the form of diagrams. They are only statistical evaluations to improve and protect the website, for example, to detect access by hackers or spambots. This program is part of the basic equipment of the hosting provider.

Cookies are small text files stored on your device. Your browser accesses these files. This website uses a technical session cookie that is automatically deleted after the browser is closed and does not store any personal or promotional information. The use of cookies increases the user-friendliness of this website. Popular browsers offer the option of not allowing cookies in the settings. This setting is usually found under Settings -> Privacy and Security. The wording may vary slightly depending on the browser. In that case, however, there would be no guarantee that the user would be able to access all functions of this website without restrictions.

Handling of personal data
The website operator does not collect and store any personal data such as name, address or telephone number. Unless the user sends them voluntarily, for example via a contact form to the website operator.

Handling contact information
If you contact the website operator through the offered contact options, your details will be stored so that they can be used to process and answer your request. Without your consent, this data will not be disclosed to third parties.

Encrypted transmission of form data
With each form dispatch (eg over a contact form) theoretically there is the risk that data can be read out by third parties. To minimize this risk, the website operator uses encrypted transmission.

Linked websites
This Privacy Policy does not apply to websites of other providers, which we refer to via hyperlinks on our websites.

Rights of the user: information, correction and deletion
As a user, you will receive, at your request, free information about which personal data has been stored about you. If your request does not conflict with a legal obligation to retain data (eg data retention), you are entitled to correct incorrect data and to block or delete your personal data.

The responsible contact person for privacy policies is:

Thomas Kneif
Fuhrberger Straße 4
30625 Hannover

Fon: +49 (511) 7002-3100
Fax: +49 (511) 7002-3106